With Avasam, The only way is up

An award-winning Dropshipping fully automated platform connecting UK suppliers and online sellers in one place.

There are still significant delays between ordering stock and it being delivered and indeed general availability of some products due to the pandemic. This has been exacerbated by shipping delays both through the reduced number of passenger flights meaning freight can’t be carried in holds and the ongoing knock on effects of the Suez canal blockage earlier this years. That’s why Avasam reckon they are ideally placed to assist retailers at this moment in time.

Avasam are an automated drop ship solution with verified suppliers vetted and held to account through feedback. Whether you are looking to backfill stock shortages to combat re-ordering delays, or to expand your selection to increase profits while you wait for new stock lines to be manufactured and arrive, Avasam reckon that they can assist. If you can’t access stock from your normal supplier, an automated drop ship solution could offer an alternative brand until you can restock with your preferred brand.

As you would expect, Avasam have integrations with both eBay and Amazon, but they’ve also recently launched a raft of new integrations, adding support for the OnBuy and Wish marketplaces and BigCommerce and Shopify webstore platforms. WooCommerce is an integration that is already in place, so regardless which platform you trade on it’s likely that Avasam can automate your drop ship requirements.

There are many reasons you might wish to add inventory to your store whether it be on marketplaces or on your own website. Increased profits are one, a broader selection to attract more customers is another and of course with the addition of complimentary products you can also increase your average order size and stop customers going elsewhere to purchase. Think accessories and consider what people buying your products might also wish to purchase – if it’s electronics, it could be anything from protective cases to screen protectors, if you sell cycles it could be repair kits to saddle bags.

The other compelling reason to try an automated drop ship solution is to prove new product lines before you invest heavily in stock. Test the market without any stock investment and if you see sales growing in a positive direction then you know your customer base is in the market for the products. You can then confidently order in bulk or commission the manufacture of your own private label versions having already proven the business case for investing in new stock.

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